• This year marks Heiser’s Golden Anniversary! We are proud to have served the Fire and Life Safety Industry for 50 years, and we look ahead to the next 50 with optimism and enthusiasm.

    Our best days are when we have successfully assisted you with placing orders, configuring kitchen systems, solving problems, and sharing stories. For the past 50 years, we have shared good and bad times, happy and sad times. We have weathered storms together, both figuratively and literally. We have celebrated the beginning and ending of life, wedding and work anniversaries along with birthdays and holidays. The common theme has been YOU. You have worked alongside our long-tenured team for years helping us grow, develop, and learn. We value our relationship with each of you, and we owe our success to you.

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    Let’s commit to doing business together and having fun while doing it for the next 50 years and beyond!

    50 Years of Solid Gold Service and the Best Customers in Business…Heiser Has It!